Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner/Celtic Concert – March 18, 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017, 6:00pm

Traditional corned beef & cabbage dinner followed by a Celtic concert featuring the Anam Cara Band.

Tickets are available from the Church Office in advance for $25 adults, $15 youth, $5 under 10.

Call (860)399-9367 to reserve your tickets now!


(Tickets may also be available at the door for $27 adults, $17 youth, and $7 under 10.)






Music, children, picnic, & healing (June 9/10)

It will be a busy weekend at Westbrook Congregational Church

Saturday night vespers @ 7pm — Join the Senior Choir in the church sanctuary as “We praise God because He loves us and He leads us.”  There will be a reception after the program.

Sunday early service @ 8:15am — a quiet service in the sanctuary

Children’s Sunday service @ 10:15am — a service to honor our children and youth leaders.  Part of the service will be run by the Sunday school classes.  Nursery care will be provided.

All church picnic, Sunday @ 11:30am — Join the whole church for food and games at the town baseball field across Route 1.

Service for healing, Sunday @ 3pm — This special worship service is for those who need healing, or have a loved one in need of healing.

Choir Vespers Service – Saturday June 9

Saturday June 9 — 7:00 p.m.

We invite everyone to come and celebrate the beauty of our faith in music. Join the Senior Choir as “We praise God because He loves us and He leads us.” The Choir, Reverend John Wilson, Charles Stannard, Organist, Becki Renshaw, former Choir Director and I would be pleased to have you grace us with your presence for an evening of music and scripture.

There will be a reception after the program.

Pentecost Celebration – May 27

Featuring a Dixieland jazz ensemble!

“Pentecost was originally a Jewish harvest festival when the first fruits of crops were given as offerings to God. On the first Pentecost after Jesus’ resurrection, the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus’ followers. They were filled with power and love, thus empowering them to witness to God’s actions in Christ to all who were nearby. Some 3,000 people responded to their claims that Christ was Lord and Savior of mankind.

“The outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus’ first followers on the day of Pentecost is often called the Church’s birthday. You can read the entire story in Acts 2.” (from The Newsletter Newsletter)

On Pentecost this year (Sunday, May 27), our worship will be enhanced by a Dixieland jazz ensemble. May our joy in the Spirit overflow!

Steinway Grand Piano Restoration

Our church has been given a magnificent Steinway Grand Piano style piano, built in 1883 resides in the sanctuary and is used by Charles Stannard during most Sunday worship services. Pianos such as this are extremely hard to come by and this is truly an instrument of great value. When properly repaired, maintained and tuned it provides the majestic tones and sounds of the classic piano that it is. We indeed have a wonderful treasure.

As you can imagine, use through the years has worn some parts and breakdowns have occurred during the most inopportune times. In order to realize the full benefit of both the quality of sound and maintain its wonderful antique status it needs 22 specific repairs and upgrades to headquarters in New York, and met with their representatives, as well as a firm which will perform the restoration. This work will restore the picked specialty woods, materials and adhesives. While we could go into infinite details as to the planned changes, several are listed below:

  • Three (3) Steinway tubular action rails
  • All new keyboard felts
  • Refit the key frame to the key-­bed
  • New hammers, shanks and flanges New whippens
  • A complete tuning to A-­440

The full list of all repairs and actions is available for review.

The cost of these changes and renovations is $16,900. This includes cartage to the repair site, all the required actions, tuning and delivery back to the sanctuary. We plan to do this over the summer and have the instrument fully renovated and ready for the beginning of the new church year in September.

We have received an anonymous gift of $10,000 toward this project, leaving us $6,900 to complete the effort. Given the beauty of the instrument, the magnificent tones and enhancement to our worship service, we are asking those who are able and can see the vision to support this effort. As Trustees of our church and having oversight responsibilities of our assets, we believe that this expenditure is a wonderful use of our funds.

David Stoner, Chair The Board of Trustees