Education & Youth

A beacon for youth and families

We want all young people who come through our doors to have an experience that draws them closer to God’s love for them in Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to being a “beacon for youth and families” in our community and in people’s lives.

We need your help in achieving that vision. Our Sunday School teachers are with your children for only an hour each week. We can “plant the seed,” but for your children to flourish and grow in faith, we need you to nourish it. Ask them when they get home about the Bible story for the week. Spend time praying with your children each day. If your children are in 4th grade or above, encourage them to try one of our youth ministry groups. Get to know your children’s teachers and youth leaders. Nurture your own faith by getting involved in our adult education opportunities, such as The Alpha Course. Bring your family to the intergenerational activities planned throughout the year. All of these are ways to nurture your own faith as well as the faith of your family.