We are a Stephen Ministry Church

stephenministryStephen Ministers are laypeople from within the congregation who have been trained to provide one-to- one Christ-centered care to hurting people. Stephen Ministers are people with a compassionate heart who’ve been equipped with the skills to listen, encourage, and offer support when someone is in need.

Members receiving care are facing a variety of life challenges or crises. They are people who may be experiencing one or more of the following challenges: grief, divorce, cancer, financial difficulties, hospitalization, chronic illness, job loss, disabilities, loneliness, a spiritual crisis, or other life struggles. The relationship between those receiving care (Care Receivers) and those giving care (Care Givers) is absolutely confidential. Male care receivers are matched with male care givers and female care receivers are matched with female care givers.

Fall 2016: we are now taking applications for those interested in becoming a Stephen Minister.

After the application is received there will an interview process. The training program is 50 hours, usually accomplished in 25 sessions. If you have any questions, email: Rev. Jan pastor@westcongchurch.org or our Stephen Ministry Leader nielsen_norma@yahoo.com