We have a Parish Nurse



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We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about. 
—Charles Kingsley

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAbhAAAAJGM0OWQyNmNmLTVmMmEtNGVlZC05YjVkLTE2MDg4MjY2NWI2YQFaith Community Nursing is the intentional integration of the practice of nursing with the beliefs of a religious community. Also called a Parish Nurse s/he is a Registered Nurse (RN) Specialist who encourages physical and spiritual health and wholeness by developing and leading programs within faith communities. Some of us are certified by the American Nurses Association in Faith Community Nursing – as am I. By the way the acronym is FCN.
At Westbrook Congregational Church I do many things. Recently I took a survey to see what the congregation’s expectations of me were. The following programs were a direct result of that survey.
I created an informational Bulletin Board where people can find information on topics they said they were interested in – currently the topic there is Aging. I ran a program to certify lay and professional people in AED, CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver. We have a B/P screening every month on the second Sunday between 9a and 10a. Last Fall I held a flu shot clinic.  I have a personal website (nurselyn.com) and my page here where I write articles to keep the Congregation informed of programs offered, health news, etc. I write an article on current health issues for our church newsletter every month too. I make personal visits to our parishioners in their homes or in rehab facilities or hospitals – wherever they are – to help them with issues regarding their illness, discharge plans, family needs, help them or their family navigate the healthcare system or just lend an objective ear as they get through their illness.  I send greeting cards to folks recovering from illness or whose family members or friends are very ill to try to help cheer them up and let them know I am available to help them out or again – just to know there is an objective ear or help with navigating the complications of illness. I keep the first aid kits updated, am currently working on a system of documentation for the policies of the FCN Ministry, and trying to establish some programs for added health care facilitation such as a Ride Squad to help get people to appointments. Currently I also arrange for DME (durable medical equipment like walkers, canes, shower chairs) to be available to people without charge. There is always something for me to do!


Visit Lyn’s personal website: http://www.nurselyn.com/