10 reasons for being a person of faith

From Rev. Wilson:

Here are 10 reasons for being a person of faith. See what you think.

1.  God gives my life purpose and meaning.

2.  I know where to go when I need answers.

3.  God is my strength and shield.

4.  God grants me wisdom and courage when I need it most.

5.  With God, all things are possible.

6.  God surrounds me with people who will help me, encourage me, and enlighten me.

7.  The more I pray, the more I discover the many depths of God and His Word.

8.  I am a better person to my family and friends because of God’s love for me and my faith in Him.

9.  I know God has plans for me – for a bright and bountiful future.

10. God provides me with all I really need in life.