About the church

This church opens wide its doors to all who seek God, and in the name of Jesus Christ, welcomes you.

The Rev. Dr. Jan Gregory-Charpentier, Pastor


Mairi Graham-Shaw, Director of Faith Formation

Church Staff:

The Rev. Robert Van Gorder, Pastor Emeritus
Diane Wolff, Senior Choir Director
Karen Amendola, Office Administrator
Brenda Adamiec, Housekeeper
Lyn Posner, RN, Faith Community Nurse

  • Worship service every Sunday morning at 9:45 AM
  • Sunday School & Nursery at 9:45 (Sept-June)

Church Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9-1

Contact Us:
email: office@westcongchurch.org
phone (860) 399-9367

We are a medium-large sized, growing congregation that has been in Westbrook since 1726. Our members come from many shoreline towns. We’re a blend of natives and newcomers, of lifelong Congregationalists as well as former Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans, agnostics and more.

We open wide our doors to all who seek God and in the name of Jesus Christ extend a warm welcome to you.


We believe that every Christian must determine the precise nature of his or her faith and the ways to give witness to that faith. We are not a “creedal” church. We have no statement that says, “This is what you must believe.” We are a covenantal church of persons who in their diversity of faith agree to walk together in all of God‚s ways. We recognize Jesus Christ as the head of the church and the Bible as our guide to faith and life.


We share our lives as members of an extended church family that cares deeply for one another.


We worship God as the highlight and center of our spiritual life. Each Sunday we offer two opportunities for praise, inspiration and prayer: at 8:15 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. The 8:15 a.m. service provides a quiet setting for worship and reflection. At the 10:15 a.m. service everyone from age five on up gathers in the sanctuary for the first portion of worship. (Child care is available for those under five.) A children’s sermon is given each week. During the second hymn the children leave to attend their church school classes. Sermons are designed to make the teachings of the Bible relevant to life in today’s world and to provide guidance and inspiration for living. The music uplifts our spirits.


We serve our community and the world. Members of our church serve almost every helping agency in Westbrook and the surrounding towns. We make our building available to many community groups as part of our outreach mission. In addition, we house the Westbrook Branch of the Southeastern Connecticut Women’s Center: a ministry designed to aid those caught in the web of domestic violence. We also pool our mission efforts and resources with the mission program of the United Church of Christ to support schools, hospitals and missionaries around the world. We participate in the Heifer Project, the CROP walk, the Covenant to Care, and many selected local projects.


We invite you to join us. We have countless ways that you can choose to make your spiritual pilgrimage come alive and to make new friends by becoming part of this church.

Visit the Westbrook Congregational Church and see for yourself who we are and what we do. Take part in our worship, our educational programs, our fun events, our opportunities to serve. Speak to our minister, Reverend Dr. Jan Gregory-Charpentier.

We stand ready to be a neighbor and friend to you and your family.