What is the biggest risk you have taken?

 – a reflection by Rev. John Wilson, sent to our email list –

Mary Lou Redding offers these questions for our reflection. I invite you to take a few moments and think about your response to them.

1.  What is the biggest risk you have taken? How did it turn out? Were the results better or worse than you hoped for?

2.  How or in what area of your life have you been aware of God pushing you beyond where you are comfortable? Could you leave behind something significant because you felt God wanted you to?

3.  Are you comfortable with where you are spiritually? If so, what has brought you to that place? If not, where would you like to see change, and why?

4.  What is the value of the comfortable activities and serving we do for God? Is it wrong to feel comfortable? Why do you say this?

5.  If you could change one decision you’ve made and have a “do-over,” what decision would you change? How might your life be different if you had not made that choice?

6.  How do you discern what God wants you to do? Who helps you in that process, and how do they help?

Here’s something new: I’ve decided to offer a Wednesday morning six week course on Paul’s letter to the church at Rome. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. The Book of Romans is Paul’s most complete theological statement.

And I want to use the Message Bible Translation. As many of you know, I’ve been a fan of Eugene Peterson’s Message Bible for some time. I think he captures the spirit of the text and makes it come alive in a very readable way. We’ll meet from 10-11 in the sanctuary, starting on October 10th.

And we will also be offering this fall an evening small group study of Agnes Sanford’s The Healing Light. We’ve offered that before, but several have asked that we offer it again. I say quite honestly, it is a book that changed my life! What she has to share about the healing power of prayer opened my eyes. Her suggestions as to why many people miss out on that power, and how we can tap into it, I believe are on target and can open the door for us as to how we can increase the flow of that power.

There are lots of opportunities for growing our faith and taking it to the next level. I hope you’ll find one that appeals to you.

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