Come discuss our priority goals!

This Sunday, June 2nd , The Cabinet will be hosting a Completing the Circle discussion focused on our individual experiences with our seven priority goals that came out of our Season of Discernment and were ratified by congregational vote last May. It’s been about a year that we’ve been living into our mission statement and our goals and a good time to ask how it is going and what we have learned in the process. Please stay after if you can (we will arrange for child care) and share your perspective. Your insights are needed! Each Completing the Circle discussion opportunity will last about one hour and will be scheduled after worship with advance notice (See the June, 2019 Bell Buoy).

Our church Cabinet is committed to helping our members grow and strengthen our ability to talk to and listen to one another in a spirit of loving support and open-hearted sharing. To that end, we will be offering periodic opportunities to come together as a community and share our first-hand experiences on given topics using a process called “Completing the Circle.” Completing the Circle is a discussion technique where all participants are given the opportunity to answer one or two questions from their own experience without interruption or comment on their contribution. All therefore also have the chance to hear from many others on a topic of shared concern.