Get a better body (life) for only 15 minutes each day

– a reflection by Rev. John Wilson, sent to our email list –

I came across the following testimony about how setting aside 15 minutes a day for meditation and prayer changed a woman’s life.

“About a year ago I went through a period of separation and eventual divorce from my husband. I felt lonely living alone. Though I did not miss my husband’s abusive behavior, I missed him. At that time I made the decision to set aside 15 minutes each morning for meditation and prayer.

“It worked. I became less lonely, less uncomfortable being single. Living on my own felt like less of a burden because I could relax and allow myself to be enveloped by the comforting presence of God. Through meditation and prayer I developed a warm and comforting relationship with God. Sitting still gave me time to listen to myself. I sat quietly each day and explored my mind and heart.

“I asked God to speak to me in the silence and reveal what He wanted of me that day and in the difficult months ahead. I was not disappointed. Prayer and meditation helped me to hear God’s voice within, and to get to know myself better, and in so doing helped me discern God’s will for my life.

“Those 15 minutes each day became my spiritual oasis. My life became kinder, gentler. And I never, ever need to feel alone. All I need to do is make conscious contact with God.”
In the busyness of our lives it’s so easy to let other things crowd in and then not find the time each day to sit quietly and let the comforting presence of God envelop us. Yet when we fail to do that, our lives get pulled off center, and we miss out on the life-giving power that making conscious contact with God has to offer us.

If you set aside 15 minutes each day for prayer and meditation – is that something that might change your life for the better right now?

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