Pentecost Celebration – May 27

Featuring a Dixieland jazz ensemble!

“Pentecost was originally a Jewish harvest festival when the first fruits of crops were given as offerings to God. On the first Pentecost after Jesus’ resurrection, the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus’ followers. They were filled with power and love, thus empowering them to witness to God’s actions in Christ to all who were nearby. Some 3,000 people responded to their claims that Christ was Lord and Savior of mankind.

“The outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus’ first followers on the day of Pentecost is often called the Church’s birthday. You can read the entire story in Acts 2.” (from The Newsletter Newsletter)

On Pentecost this year (Sunday, May 27), our worship will be enhanced by a Dixieland jazz ensemble. May our joy in the Spirit overflow!