Sunday School

Sunday School runs from Rally Day (1st Sunday after Labor Day) through Children’s Day (2nd Sunday in June) during the second half of the 10:15 worship service. Sunday School is for children from preschool through the seventh grade. We began a new curriculum last year, which our teachers are very enthusiastic about. Called Exploring Faith, it is strongly Bible-based, with lots of fun and meaningful activities for each week.

Children start each 10:15 worship service sitting with their families. After the hymn following the Children’s Sermon, they leave en mass to attend their classes. Preschool families have a choice (after Rally Day) ~ preschoolers can either attend the first part of worship with their parents, or they can go up to their classroom (after 10:00 a.m.) to play until class begins, supervised by the teen classroom assistants.

Our Sunday School program is relationally based, as are all our youth ministry programs. We believe that the Holy Spirit works in and through individuals and their faith-based relationships to bring us closer to God. The Bible lessons are important for our children to learn, however, God’s love and Spirit are most powerfully felt through the relationships with their teachers, youth leaders, teen assistants and peers.

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is not just about knowledge — it is a lifestyle and includes every facet of our being. For this reason, the children spend time each week sharing about their lives, and lifting up concerns and joys they can all pray about together. Prayer is an important part of the Sunday School experience. Time is also spent during the year on mission projects, as well as reaching out in caring ways to the “homebuddies” of the church.

As the children participate in these ministry efforts together, they experience first-hand what being part of the body of Christ is all about — and what a joyful experience it is!