What’s in a promise?

 – a reflection by Rev. John Wilson, sent to our email list –

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove writes this: “The church calls its members to make promises about who we will be faithful to in our daily living. Our lives are not our own. We have been made living members of the body of Christ. Our new life gets fleshed out in terms of particular relationships and the promises that make them possible. To learn to live ‘in Christ’ is to learn to make promises and keep them.”

For me, that was a new and insightful way to put it. To learn to live “in Christ” is to learn to make promises and keep them.

What promises have I made about the One to whom I will be faithful in my daily living? How easy it is to slip into a routine of everyday living and never think about or ask myself if I am being faithful and keeping my promises to Him.

This Sunday is RALLY DAY, when Sunday School resumes and we start up our new church year. I am very proud of our Sunday School. Thanks to the leadership of Julia Manners, we are one of the few remaining Sunday Schools in our area where all the teachers are adults and the same teachers are there with the same class every week.

It’s obvious that when students have the same adult teachers each week, the relationship between teacher and pupil becomes strong. Younger children especially find comfort in the security of identifying with and knowing that “their” teacher will be there for them.

And there is a dedicated core of teenage helpers in every class as well.

If I may tie the two above thoughts together: at the baptism of our children parents are asked, “Do you promise by your life and teaching to lead your child toward an understanding of the gospel and into the service of Jesus Christ, and will you guide and instruct your child that (he) may be led to the confession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of the world…?”

The reason we run a Sunday School is to help parents fulfill their baptismal vow and promise.

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